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Wholesale Orders


Ordering Books for Resale

The book: Empowered Medicine is available through Ingram Books. We offer a 55% discount with returns. To order wholesale, please refer to your Ingram account.

If you do not have an Ingram account, or if you would like to take part in our Wholesale Promotional Offer, please email us at We will email you the URL of the Smart Leaf Press webpage, along with a username and password, where you may place your order with us electronically and securely.


Wholesale Promotional Offer

We are currently offering book sellers the opportunity to let their customers know they are carrying the new book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers. This promotion is being offered exclusively by ordering on our website.

For $149 you will receive:

  • 10 books for resale
  • Complimentary acrylic book stand ($50 value)
  • Free shipping of your books
  • 1000 postcards mailed to residents in your area letting them know you are carrying the book
  • Advertising on the website for 30 days.


Email us today at to see if this offer is available in your area.


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