Smart Leaf Press


At Smart Leaf Press, we want to say 'Thank you!' for ordering our new book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers. We also want to thank you for recommending it to others. For a limited time only, Smart Leaf Press will actually pay you a commision for every book you recommend to another reader! We know that a quality book is best promoted by those who have read it and believe in it's message. This is why we need your help! All you need is a valid Paypal account. It's easy!  


STEP 1:  Email Us

Email us at and tell us you want to be paid to refer others to our book. Just let us know the Paypal email address you would like your commission sent to. We will email you a promotion code. This is the code you will tell people you recommend the book to, to enter when they buy the book. This code lets us know who to send the commission to. 



STEP 2:  Refer and Earn 

Every time someone purchases a copy of the book from our website, we will send $2.00 to your Paypal account. An email will be sent to you letting you know you have a deposit to claim. It's that easy! Imagine if 25 of your referrals bought the book? It's our way of saying Thank You! So email us today to get started!



STEP 3:  Free Promotional Flyers

Don't forget to check out our free flyers. We want to make it easy for you to claim your commission. Feel free to print off these flyers, write your Personal Referral Code on them and hand them out to potential readers.   



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